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Xvivo System Model X3

BioSpherix Isolator Systems

Intran is the exclusive agent for BioSpherix’s Closed Isolator Systems for the South East Asian region. 

The Hypoxia Incubator and Glovebox Configuration of the Xvivo System model X3 is a simple but sophisticated hypoxia cell culture system. It is the most economical X3 configuration available with identical incubation and handling oxygen tensions. Modular, independent controls and components deliver all essential functions, yet offer unlimited upgrade options.

Unlike bacteria glove boxes cobbed up for cells, the X3 system was designed for cells. It is economically competitive with all bacteria hypoxia glove boxes, but offers much more capability including active particle clearing to ISO 5. Features comfortable, soft glove sleeves as opposed to hard, uncomfortable holes

Cytocentric-by-Design ushers in new era for cell scientists at the leading edge!

Salient Features

  • New and Better Equipment
    • Conventional incubators and hoods haven’t changed in decades. They are limited in ability. They were designed for people, not cells.
  • From the Perspective of Cells
    • When you look through the eyes of your cells, handicaps inherent in conventional People-Centric equipment are obvious. Protection from contamination is poor
  • Cell Incubation and Processing Re-Invented
    • In contrast to conventional cell culture and processing in open incubators and open hoods, the Xvivo System consists of modular sets of closed incubators and closed hoods, all integrated together as co-chambers and sub-chambers
  • Hypothetical Protocol
  • High Performance Integrated Hoods
    • Hoods are closed instead of open. Isolation of cells away from people and the room cuts risk of contamination during handling dramatically
  • Unlimited Flexibility
    • Xvivo System modularity means you can invest with confidence. Start small and expand as necessary.

High Performance Incubators

  • Incubation chambers are integrated into the hoods where you need them, and open only into the hood. This eliminates 2 major handicaps in conventional open incubators and open hoods.
    • First, incubators can’t get contaminated by people or by the room. They are isolated from both. They open only into the aseptic hood.
    • Second, cells never see any disruptions in critical cell parameters, because all cell parameters controlled in incubators are also identically controlled in hoods

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Cytocentric-by-Design ushers in new era for cell scientists


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