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Xvivo System Model X2

BioSpherix Isolator Systems

Intran is the exclusive agent for BioSpherix’s Closed Isolator Systems for the South East Asian region. 

The Xvivo System model X2 is the subset of our Cytocentric Platform™ designed for processing and producing cells in compliance with regulatory GMPs

Closed isolators (CI) are the highest rated equipment for aseptic processing.

They produce cells with maximal phenotypic and genotypic integrity. They produce cell populations with minimal variability.

BioSpherix’s Xvivo System model X2 is the onlyCytocentric® modular closed aseptic containment isolator proven worldwide.

The 21st Century GMP Quality Platform for processing and producing clinical grade cells.

Salient Features

  • Flexible Facility for the Future
    • Cell production facility cost reductions of 90%
    • Respond to any demand just-in-time, eliminating risky long-term bets
  • Agnostic to Production Process
    • Extreme modularity and a large and growing library of general and specialized modules quickly configure to fit any production process
  • Process Change
    • Reconfiguring as the process changes will be simple and easy, with 0% variance risk and evidence to prove it

Dangerous Cells Made Safer

  • New BIOCONTAINMENT layer for gene engineered cells and organisms
    • CRISPR/Cas9
    • Zinc Finger Nucleases
    • TALENs
    • Lenti virus vectors
    • Adenovirus vectors
  • First and only closed incubator, closed hood, closed lab
  • No path from cell space to people or room


  • Automating with Off-The-Shelf and Bespoke Robots
  • Manual Production Process 
  • Automating with Man-Mimetic Industrial Arms

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21st Century GMP Quality Platform for producing clinical grade cells


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