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Spray Dryers

What is it ?

Spray drying, which produces a dry powder from a liquid or slurry, is one of the most popularly-used continuous drying processes. A liquid including solutions, emulsions, wet slurry and suspensions is sprayed via a spray nozzle or a rotary atomizer into a drying chamber.

Continuously feeding heated gas while increasing the surface area of sprayed droplets rapidly dries and makes granules. Therefore, degeneration of the powder is exceptionally low and the process can be the preferred process of thermally sensitive materials. Dried granules are highly close to spherical in shape and have excellent fluidity. For foods and pharmaceuticals, they will be easily soluble in water. For inorganic materials such as metallurgical powders and fine ceramics, high-density moulds can be obtained.

Spray Dryers


What we do

At Intran we have the experience and the capability/capacity to supply Spray Dryers that address needs in Research applications, Pilot plants and Production establishments.

We specifically cater to the following segments: 

  • Collagen, Chitosan, Agaricus,
  • Propolis, Herbal medicine extracts, Lactobacillus, Green tea extracts, Vitamin C
  • Stevia, Insulin, Dextrin, Glucose, Flavors, Dairy products, Seasoning,  Algae, Albumen
  • Fishery products
  • Zeolite, Catalysts, Glass materials, Fire-resistant materials, 
  • Cellulose, Pulp, Carbon materials. Superconducting materials. Fine ceramics. Toners
  • Abrasives, Piezoelectric ceramics, Semiconductor materials, Magnetic materials, Optical fiber materials, Battery materials
  • Rare metals
  • Alloys
  • Rare earth materials
  • Polymers,Pigments
  • Yeast, Enzymes, Biopharmaceuticals, Medical products
  • Agricultural chemicals, Dental materials, Surfactants
  • Antibiotics, Cosmetics

R&D Scale

Capacity Range From 1.5 kg/hr Water Evaporation Rate

Pilot Plants

Small footprint, big capacity. Ideal for small scale production

Production Scale

Designed for high yields with energy saving technology

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