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Pressure Autoclaves

Pressure Autoclaves from Amar Equipment

Intran is the exclusive agent for Amar’s Pressure Systems for Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore and Philippines

With a consolidated product offering, Amar Equipment offers value, reliability and range for all your production needs

We are a ISO 9001 – 2008, CE – PED, ASME U, U2 certified company offering products with Explosion proof (Ex), ATEX , UL, CSA, CRN certified systems on request.

Global Footprint

Pioneers & largest manufacturer of high pressure reactor, magnetic drive couplings & continuous flow reactor in India year after year for over 40 yrs with around 75% market share in India and substantial share globally. Over 5000 successful installations world over with more than 1000 delighted customers. 

Intran has supplied and services various facilities with Amar Equipment’s Systems

Pressure Reactor Specialist


  • High pressure autoclaves
  • Multiple parallel reactors
  • High throughput catalyst screening
  • Bottom stirred autoclaves
  • Low pressure glass & interchangeable glass-metal autoclaves
  • Gas induction reactors
  • Non stirred pressure vessels
    Acid digestion bombs / hydrothermal pressure vessels
  • Shaker hydrogenator
  • Supercritricalfluid extraction system (SCFE)
    Autoclaves for corrosion testing
  • Autoclaves for study of gas hydrate formation
  • Autoclaves for calorimetry
  • Continuous flow stirred tank reactor(CSTR)
  • Pilot plants & customized systems
  • Low pressure reactors with heating cooling circulators


  • To invent new molecules / chemicals & study reaction parameters
  • To produce chemicals in small quantity in batch or continuous mode
  • For synthesis of hydrogenation, acetylation, epoxydation, grignard reaction, nitration,
    acylation, photchemical reaction
  • For quality control & process improvements
  • For high throughput catalyst screening
  • For reaction calorimetry to study heat of reaction
  • For static, dynamic, loop & electrochemical HPHT corrosion testing
    Gas hydrate formation
  • For hydrogen disbonding test
  • Soaking of diamonds / precious stones
  • For high pressure storage & transfer of gas / liquid / slurries
  • For acid digestion

Salient Features

  • Stirred & non-stirred reactors / pressure vessels
  • 5 ml to 2000 ltr volume
  • Material: SS-316/316L, Hastelloy B/C, Monel, Inconel, Nickel, Titanium, Tantalum lined, Zirconiumetc.
  • Max. design pressures upto 700 bar & temperatures upto 650 ºC
  • All designs as per ASME codes with CE-PED or U/U2 stamp marking optional
  • High torque maintenance free zero leakage magnetic drive coupling
  • Complete pilot plant with automatic temperature, pressure, RPM, motor torque/ current, liquid & gas flow, pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, IR, level etc. controls, auto cooling system, chiller, condensor for distillation or reflux, thermic fluid heating / cooling system etc.
  • Fully automated PC controlled high pressure systems / pilot plants, pilot plant to continuously monitor, control & record various parameters with touch panels & receipe management
  • Complete flame / explosion proof / ATEX certified systems suitable for group IIA, IIB, IIC gases (optional)
  • CE, UL, CSA certified electricals & controls (optional)
  • ATEX certified electricals & controls (optional)

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Stirred & non-stirred pressure vessels. 5 ml to 2000 ltr volume


Microchannels with modular system for in-series or parallel extensions


Couplings, Mixers and Agitators from 50ml to 10.000 litre reactors

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