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High Pressure Reactors

What is it ?

A pressure reactor can offer several advantages over the conventional round-bottom flask. Firstly, it can conduct a reaction above the boiling point of a solvent. Secondly, the pressure can reduce the reaction volume, including the liquid phase, and in turn increase concentration and collision frequency, and accelerate a reaction.

Increase in temperature can speed up the desired reaction, but also speed up the decomposition of reagents and starting materials. However, pressure can speed up the desired reaction and only impacts decomposition when it involves the release of a gas or a reaction with a gas in the vessel. 

High Pressure Reactors


When the desired reaction is accelerated, competing reactions are minimized. Pressure generally enables faster reactions with cleaner reaction profiles.

If a pressure reactor is engineered properly, it can meet 4 out of 12 green chemistry principles

  • 1, less solvent and cleaner reaction profile result in less waste
  • 5, less solvent is needed
  • 6, short reaction time can save up to 92 percent electricity and 200 gallons of cooling water per refluxed reaction[citation needed]
  • 12, closed vessel can prevent releasing toxic gas and explosions.

What we do

We exclusively represent Amar Equipment (IND), in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines for their range of High Pressure Autoclaves, Flow Chemistry Products and Magnetic Drives, among other products.

The company is operative since 1974 and is ISO 9001 – 2008, CE – PED, ASME U, U2 certified company offering products with Explosion proof (Ex), ATEX , UL, CSA, CRN certified systems on request.

Pressure Autoclaves

Stirred & non-stirred pressure vessels. 5 ml to 2000 ltr volume

Flow Reactors

Microchannels with modular system for in-series or parallel extensions

Magnetic Drives

Couplings, Mixers and Agitators from 50ml to 10.000 litre reactors

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