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Flow Reactors

Continuous Flow Reactors from Amar Equipment

Intran is the exclusive agent for Amar’s Pressure Systems for Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore and Philippines

With a consolidated product offering, Amar Equipment offers value, reliability and range for all your production needs

We are a ISO 9001 – 2008, CE – PED, ASME U, U2 certified company offering products with Explosion proof (Ex), ATEX , UL, CSA, CRN certified systems on request.

Global Footprint

Pioneers & largest manufacturer of high pressure reactor, magnetic drive couplings & continuous flow reactor in India year after year for over 40 yrs with around 75% market share in India and substantial share globally. Over 5000 successful installations world over with more than 1000 delighted customers. 

Intran has supplied and services various facilities with Amar Equipment’s Systems

Flow Chemistry Specialist from Lab to Production Scale

Key Design Attributes

  • Better mixing & very high heat transfer area per unit volume
  • Faster reactions & better selectivity
  • Higher yield & low pressure drop
  • High safety & ideal for exothermic reactions
  • Reduced waste and faster transfer of process from laboratory to pilot / commercial scale manufacturing
  • Easily scaleable
  • Very small foot print


  • Homogeneous reactions: Neutralization, condensation, dehydration etc.
  • Multiphase Reactions:
    • Gas-liquid reactions (G-L): oxidation, ozonolysis, halogenation, chlorination,
      bromination etc.
    • Liquid-liquid reactions (L-L): nitration, diazotization, azo coupling, transfer
      hydrogenation, sulfoxidation, amination, nitration of aromatic substrate, acylation, formylation, methylation, synthesis of nanomaterials, knoevenagel condensation, meerwein arylation, glycosylation hydrolysis, alkylation, sulfonation, sulfoxdation,
      synthesis of deuterated solvents, acetylation, oximation, cyclization, liquid-liquid extraction etc.
    • G-L-S and L-S catalytic reactions: esterification, hydrogenation etc.
  • Extraction and separation of Co from Ni using AMaR-3

Salient Features

  • Available in integrated multilayer & tubular metal construction for mixing, reaction & heat transfer
  • Microchannels with modular system to connect multiple reactors in series or parallel
  • Reactors from 1 μl to 150 ltr
  • Pressures up to 350 bar & temperatures up to 500°C
  • Flow rates up to 4000 LPH per unit
  • MOC: SS316, Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, Titanium, Tantalum lined, PTFE, PEEK etc.
  • Suitable for various liquid-liquid, gas-liquid homogeneous – multiphase reactions, gas, solid & liquid catalytic reactions
  • Lab to plant scale turnkey solutions with pumps, utilities, pressure & flow control, safety device & controls in SCADA

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Stirred & non-stirred pressure vessels. 5 ml to 2000 ltr volume


Microchannels with modular system for in-series or parallel extensions


Couplings, Mixers and Agitators from 50ml to 10.000 litre reactors

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