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Closed Isolators

What is it ?

Economical and practical alternative to expensive clean rooms!

The Xvivo is a new cell production system based on isolation technology. Isolation barriers are proving valuable for food and pharmaceutical manufacturing and now we offer the first one for therapeutic cells.



XVIVO SYSTEM – a practical and economical alternative to cleanrooms for cGMP compliant production of human cells for clinical use.

  1. Better Process Control
  2. Better Contamination Control
  3. Better Quality Control
  4. Better Pocketbook Control

Cytocentric Platform ®

  • is the only total quality approach to cell existence outside the body.
  • fits every cell lab, cell manufacturer, and cell application.
  • produces optimum cell potency.

What we do

We exclusively represent Biospherix Ltd (USA), in the South East Asian region, for the X-Vivo range of Isolators. 

BioSpherix’s Cytocentric Platform® is the first and only tool-set designed to enable anyone anywhere in the live cell industry to practice quality. It consists of a widely diverse, extremely modular, and comprehensive set of unconventional equipment and new SOPs designed specifically to meet the needs of cells…the essence of quality.

  • Routinely used in Cell culture
  • Increasingly used in the Pharmaceutical industry, for pharmacy aseptic compounding applications

Xvivo System model X2

21st Century GMP Quality Platform for producing clinical grade cells

Xvivo System Model X3

Cytocentric-by-Design ushers in new era for cell scientists

What is Cytocentric®

A new and better way to grow and manipulate cells in vitro. Read more

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